The top 4 Flea Market finds for fabulous interior decorating

There is no better place to find one of a kind home designs than at your local Flea Market. They are full of potential finds that will transform your home to a wonderful reflection of your individual personality and style at bargain prices! With that said it is our pleasure to share these popular Flea Market items that will enhance your personal decorating skills. Keep and open mind and just might be surprised what you can come up with!

Mirrors4 Flea Market Finds for Interior Designs

Mirrors are hands down one of the most commonly found Flea Market Treasures that can be implemented as design decor  in a variety of ways. Depending on the size of the mirror you find it can easily be the star of a wall or hallway in your home but can also be used as a gallery type design where you hunt for multiple sizes and colors to hang as your personalized Dining Room Wall of You!

Colored Glassware

Think of how beautiful it would be to have a collection of hand-picked colored glassware on display in your home? It is fun way to start a collection that you will find extremely rewarding to race home and add to with every incredible piece you find. Plus, every time you think it is picture perfect as-is, remember there is always room for one more.

Crates4 Flea Market Finds for Interior Designs

If you are an experience Flea Market shopper you already know the popularity of crates and how all different sizes and shapes fill the aisles. You will be amazed at how a few simple crates that placed in the perfect space will create a fabulous looking display. Vintage Crates that have imagery on them are an even more awesome as truly unique interior design examples., especially as organizational pieces. Although you can go the extra mile and paint them you can also take them straight from Flea Market to your kitchen since they don’t need a lot of work.

Mix & Match Pieces

Be a matchmaker of other popular Flea Market items for sale to create the ultimate custom design courtesy you! The next time you head out keep an eye out for things like vintage silverware, vintage tins, old trays, books and when you look at them all together visualize somewhere in your home they would vibe together in perfect harmony!

Redland Market Village is 27 acres of potential Flea Market interior designs that will be all custom picked and one-of-a-kind features in your home. You really can’t get more exclusive than that! Most of all remember to have fun. Check out our Trip Tip blog posts: Trip Tips – What to Pack &  Trip Tips – What to Pack  for more ways to ensure you have the best time, every time.

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