Planning your day at Redland Market Village always makes for the best bargain hunting adventure!

Below are some important points you should think about before you shop:

  • Plan on starting early and staying late. Saturday and Sunday 6am to 6pm. Admission is FREE, Parking is FREE, but the bargain hunting adventure is PRICELESS!
  • Figure out the items you might want to buy. If it is furniture remember to measure the space it is going to fit in your home before you come. Things look very different in the wide open fairgrounds than they will fit in your small studio apartment or castle. We even recommend bringing a tape measure with you just in case.
  • Decide who to bring for your shopping buddy. Two sets of eyes to find that bargain are better than one. Remember to charge your cell phone just in case you go in separate directions. You will need them to help you load up the car and to go home.
  • Feel free to bring the kids, we have dedicated areas for your kids to enjoy themselves. You may want to give them an advance on the allowance just in case. There are also designated handicapped parking but do remember there are 100’s of dealers over acres and acres so plan accordingly.
  • Dress with comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready for any sort of weather. Remember, the weatherman as you know can rarely predict the weather accurately in Miami so go ahead and risk it. We have dealers outside, under sheds and inside no matter what the weather.
  • We recommend bringing cash to shop. Not all dealers accept credit cards or checks. Just in case you find more than you planned, you can always stop by the ATM’s on the fairgrounds or by the office inside the Jewelry building. Always feel free to bargain with them by asking if they can do any better on the price. It is part of the fun. Sometimes they can and sometimes it is not possible. It does not hurt to ask. Just be reasonable they have to eat also.
  • Speaking of eating come hungry and enjoy some of the best International food in Miami at Redland Market Village. Our food trucks have great deals and the generous portions will sure to fill you up. Make sure to visit Miami’s best Farmers Market as well for the freshest fruits and vegetables.
  • If you see something you like. Buy it then. Because it may not be there when you walk back in a few hours. Most dealers will hold it for you after you pay and we are happy to stamp your hand and let you drive in to pick up your items. Every show someone’s heart is broken because they did not trust their gut and but that amazing item they knew they need.
  • Finally think of how you are going to fit all of your purchases in your car before you come… you may just need the U-haul. We do not want you leaving friends or family behind just to get your things home. oh and remember to bring rope and blankets for padding just in case.
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