Poinsettias, with their vibrant colors, are the ideal backdrops for Christmas. They are popular decorative flowers during the holiday season.

These are one type of flower among the multitudes available at the plant nursery on our 27-acre market. Visit our sprawling south Florida location and shop for the freshest and lowest-priced plants for any holiday. Our gardening experts are ready to advise you on the plants to choose for your garden, and how to care for them. Here is our Florida poinsettia care guide.


Poinsettias are mildly toxic to cats and dogs. If you have a cat or dog, consider a different plant for your home.

With proper care, poinsettias can thrive long after the holidays. Our Florida poinsettia care guide has the information you need to keep these plants healthy.

· Choose a hearty plant:

The flowers of the plant are the yellow clustered buds in the center called cyathia. Choose poinsettia plants that have buds that are not yet open, if possible.

· Keep a consistent temperature:

Poinsettias prefer a room temperature between 60 and 68 F during the day and 10 degrees cooler at night. Humidity levels between 20 and 50 percent are ideal. Group plants on water-filled trays full of pebbles to help increase humidity levels.

· Place near sunlight:

Place poinsettias near a bright windowsill, but not in direct sunlight. Do not let a poinsettia touch cold window panes.

· Avoid drafts:

Poinsettias are sensitive to changes in temperature, so keep them away from drafty areas.

· Don’t drown the roots:

Wait until the soil dries before watering the plant. Decorative foil wrappers can trap water and lead to root rot. Remove it, or poke holes in the bottom to allow for drainage.

Keep it trimmed:

In mid-March, trim the plant by half to encourage new shoots. Poinsettias can be placed outside after the risk of frost has passed. Bring poinsettias back inside around mid-September to early October to force them to bloom again.


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