Those who live with space outside the house may enjoy gardens and big plants, yet having plants indoors where we live and work is the best way to bring nature in.

Clean the air: Indoor plants make the best air purifiers. They have the ability to cleanse the air from common toxins and add humidity to your home by releasing oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Even NASA recommends to have plants indoor and here are some of the plants that live happily indoors.

  • Spider Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Snake Plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Bamboo Palm

Healing properties: Aloe Vera has a long history of medicinal use. The gel at the center of the leaves contains anti-inflammatory and healing properties. Aloe Vera plants require very little water or light to thrive indoors. In general, it has been shown that plants reduce stress, lower blood pressure and make people happy.

Add color and texture: Nothing is more welcoming than a beautiful hanging plant at your front entrance. Even If you live in an small apartment, you could be adding some plants to create an attractive and soothing living space. Plants not only add color but also texture.

Good companions for study and work: The presence of plants in the study and work space also has important benefits for those who share space with them. In study environments, plants help concentration and awaken creativity. A benefit that we can also enjoy if we have plants in our work environment. They help to reduce stress levels, fatigue, and anxiety leading to a more productive day.

They are easy to care for: Many plants grow well indoors, if you put them where there is the lighting they require, and do not forget to water according to what they need. Most indoor plants require little attention; they don’t need much watering, trimming or fertilizing unlike your garden plants.

At Redland Market Village we have a variety of plants to choose from. Which are some of your favorite indoor plants?

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