Fathers’ Day (Día del Padre)

Although the actual calendar date that Father’s Day is celebrated varies in some Latin American countries, the purpose remains the same which is to honor fathers. In countries like Mexico all male parental figures are included in the day of appreciation.

Learn more examples of the traditions that Hispanic families have to commemorate Día del Padre. We’ve included a Bonus List of great gift ideas no matter what your heritage or background may be!


  • Father’s Day is no exception to the tradition of Hispanic families observing the importance of strong family ties.
  • The distinction of Father’s Day from other Celebracíon de la familia (Celebration of the Family) is that is the only day each year solely dedicated to honoring and praising the men in our lives. Typically the celebration is a family gathering at home that includes extended family and friends. Most gracious hosts consider it a more the merrier celebration situation with 10 or more people.
  • Hispanic families enjoy preparing large spreads of food usually consisting of Dad’s favorite foods. This presents an opportunity to help contribute to the family feast that would double as a great Father’s Day gift! The meal is commonly finished off with traditional desserts such as pan dulce which is sweet bread with delicious toppings.
  • Lastly, there is the distribution of gifts and tokens of affection to fathers or father figures. It is a bonding opportunity in which fathers and their children can spend the day side by side, reflecting on special moments of past, present and hopes of the future!


When it’s time to share the love for your father in the form of a gift we’ve got great examples of both store bought and do-it-yourself items. You can visit your local flea market to find great deals on their favorite brand of cologne, a new wallet or maybe clothing with their favorite sports team on it.

Keep an eye out for specialty stores that sell spices you could give as a perfect gift for the grill master of the family!  If you don’t find anything premade you can always make your own medley for them. Actually cooking for your beloved father figure is another lovely way to show you care. Find out their favorite dish and bring it to the table while you celebrate.

One of the easiest yet sentimental gifts to use a go-to is customized anything. A t-shirt is a great way to let your Father figure show off his prideful title. Incorporate their personality with funny captions like, “PADRE – Like Dad, Only Cooler” or “Mi Hija Favorita me Regaló esta Camisa”

For the abuelo’s it is a lovely way to double the fun by making it a DIY project that saves you money and lets you enjoy having the grandchildren help out! Use their hand prints as a design making it officially one of a kind. If there’s room (or make room) for sweet sayings including “Best Abuelo Ever” or “#1 Abuelo”. Not only will they appreciate the time and energy invested, they are also able to keep it forever as memorabilia.


No matter what you do to celebrate Father’s Day we wish everyone a happy, safe and fun day of appreciating the positive male role models in all our lives! Redland Market Village has 27 acres of possible gift ideas as well as ingredients to cook fresh from our Farmer’s Market! Come see this weekend!

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