I believe it’s fair to say that each New Year has an opportunity to be lucky and better than the last. If you’re like most people you would be willing to eat some (mostly) delicious food to help your chances at luck. Two birds, one stone. Check out our list below and let us know if you already do any of these or are willing to start something new.

Lechón (Pork Dinner) commonly served for celebrations as a lucky dish.

Lechón (Pork Dinner) commonly served for celebrations as a lucky dish.

  1. Pork: Pigs apparently only move in one direction while rooting for food and that’s forward. Isn’t that why we are excited about a New Year? We all get to move forward. Vegetarian? Fear not! Pig shaped food will also do the trick.

New Years Lucky 12 Grapes Tradition

New Years Lucky 12 Grapes Tradition (Source disfrutarmagazine.com)

  • Grapes: Eating a grape with each gong of midnight is said to forecast your upcoming year. Each sweet grape is a good/lucky month and each sour grape…well, not so much. I’ve done this and I must warn you; it is much more difficult than it sounds to eat 12 grapes in 12 seconds. If you aren’t a competitive eater, you may want to practice and I recommend buying little grapes! Stop by our Farmers Market for a fresh bunch!
  • Round: Yes, round. Anything round. Fruit, cookies, cakes, cheeseburgers, candy. Round as in the shape of coins. If you ever needed justification to eat something, here it is. If what you want to eat isn’t round, I have two words of advice: cookie cutter. Eating food representative of coins is supposed to help bring more into your life.
  • Long Noodles: It was fun as a kid to slurp your spaghetti at the dinner table, until you got that death glare from mom. Feel free to do this on New Year and when you get that look, simply explain you’re hoping for a long life. Don’t cut your noodles no matter how peeved mom gets!
    Lucky food Pickled Herring

    Lucky food Pickled Herring (Source: http://www.itsyummi.com)


  • Pickled Herring: I believe I said mostly delicious food in the opening paragraph. Sometimes prosperity comes with cost. Thanks to the internet, a wide variety of this oily, jarred fish is readily available. There are even different flavors like onion or mustard. Herring is plentiful and the silver skin represents coins (for the importance of coins, refer to number 3). It’s just a matter of how much silver you’re willing to eat to roll in the green. 

Let us know what your lucky foods and traditions are below, or upload a post on facebook with #RedlandMarketVillageLucky

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