Adults may see staycations as great opportunities to catch up on summer reading and finish projects around the house. Children, however, may not always approach time off at home with that same enthusiasm.

Parents confronted with the challenge of keeping kids happy and engaged during staycations can try these kid-friendly ideas to ensure everyone enjoys their time off, even if the bulk of it is spent at home.

· Hit the carnival circuit. Traveling carnivals are a staple of summer in many small communities. These special events feature rides, games, and, of course, food. Families can make a night of it at a nearby carnival (one is no doubt within driving distance on just about any night in July and August). Budget-conscious staycationers can attend carnivals on bracelet nights when both adults and kids can typically enjoy endless rides for one set price as opposed to having to purchase tickets for each individual ride.


· Find a place to swim. Whether it’s a nearby lake or a day at the ocean, a weekday afternoon spent swimming is a great way to remind the family that a staycation is still a vacation. If swimming in a lake or in the ocean is not possible and you don’t have the luxury of a backyard pool, purchase an inflatable pool (or two) that the whole family can enjoy.


· Embrace your inner artists. Parents can visit a local arts and crafts store and spend a day painting or making projects with their children. Choose a theme, like making jewelry or painting a family portrait, and then exchange your masterpieces or create a family art exhibit when the session is over.


· Go fishing. Fishing can be a fun activity for the whole family and a great way to get out of the house without breaking the bank. Create a competition to see who can catch the most and/or the biggest fish. If you catch fish that you’re allowed to take home, involve the whole family in making a delicious fish dinner that night.





Staycations can be fun for the whole family, especially when parents take the time to organize a host of kid-friendly activities.

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