You’ve heard about the benefits of shopping at your local farmers market but your first trip can be overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve compiled a how to guide to maximize your trip to ensure a fun and smart shopping experience. Learn to plan your day with how, what, why and when in mind and become a smart shopping pro!

Why shop the farmers market? 

When you shop your local farmers market, you eat more fruits and vegetables that are fresh, local, and in season. Most farmers markets are open during the spring, summer, and fall and some like Redland Market Village may be open year round.

  • The food is fresh
  • The fruits and vegetables look and taste great
  • Better for the environment – The fruits and vegetables travel fewer miles to get from the farm to your dinner table.
  • Supports local farmers – Shopping Locally helps farmers and businesses in your community.

Smart Shopping Tips

  • Plan your meals before you go: Buy only the amount of fruits and vegetables that you can use within 3 to 4 days. This will help keep you from throwing away spoiled food.
  • Ask the farmer questions: They can give you advice on how to cook and store the fruits and vegetables that they sell.
  • Shop early in the day: plan to shop the farmers market early to get the best selection.


How to choose fruits and vegetables

  • Select fruits and vegetables that look fresh and colorful. 
  • The size or shape of the fruit or vegetable doesn’t impact the way it tastes, so less-than-perfect produce is still OK to eat! 
  • Vegetables should be crisp and firm. Avoid any that are limp, wilting, wrinkled or showing signs of decay. 
  • Ripe fruits should have a sweet smell. Avoid Fruits that are bruised.


Tips for keeping the food you buy safe to eat.

  • Rinse fruits and vegetables under cool, running water just before you cook or eat them. Don’t use detergent or bleach.
  • Wash fruits and vegetables even if you plan to peel them. Any dirt or bacteria on the outside of a fruit or vegetable can be transferred to the inside when you cut or peel it.
  • Store cut, peeled, or cooked fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator.

Redland Market Village hopes this guide will help you get the most out of your visit before, during and after.  Now you know why shopping at your local farmers market is a good idea and how to map out your trip! 

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