It takes a keen eye and creative flair to see the possibilities that second-hand furniture possess. Redland Flea Market is a veritable goldmine of these diamonds in the rough with our ever-changing inventory, we’re sure to have whatever strikes your DIY fancy. Take a look at some of the ideas below to get your creative juices flowing for a creative weekend!


diy lego table

DIY Lego Table (Source:

Lego Table Flip:

Every parent at one point or another has felt that the living room (if not the whole house) has become a booby trap of random Lego pieces. Why not find a small coffee or end table, remove the center and glue in a Lego board? If you happen to find a glass centered coffee table, your job is half done! All that’s required is a little paint and glue your board in place. Now your little one will have a “special” spot for those sharp little blocks and be less tempted to strew them about.

At there are lots of other ideas that are fun and creative and below you can follow along with another example, from, we thought was pretty great:

diy lego table flip

DIY Lego Table from

Bookshelf Makeover DIY:

Another easy one here! Simply pick your favorite color to paint the sides and top and bottoms of the shelves. Once that is done, find a nicely patterned contact paper to adhere to the inside back of the shelf. That once boring bookshelf now has some personality and is ready to display your books or picture frames with pride!

diy bookshelf makeover

DIY Bookshelf makeover by

DIY Dresser to Wine Rack:
This one will take a little more effort, but the payoff will be amazing! Find a standard three drawer dresser and remove the bottom two rows of drawers. Sand and paint as you desire, then either disassemble an old or cheap wine rack or for the uber crafty, break out your router! You’ll need to make matching frames if you aren’t buying them. Keep in mind different wine bottles have different widths so make sure you’ve got some variety in your spacing. Using wood glue to adhere your frames to the front and back of the shelves. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your new wine bar!

Creative DIY Dresser to Wine Rack

Creative diy Dresser to Wine Rack by

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