Our Christmas Tree Longevity Guide will show you how to make your tree a worthy holiday centerpiece.

Many families purchase Christmas trees after Thanksgiving or during the first weekend of December. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, you can help your tree maintain its color by following the tips in our Christmas Tree Longevity Guide. Remember to visit the plant nursery at our 27-acre farmer’s market for all your plant needs. Browse our weekend flea market for unique decor to adorn your Christmas tree.


Pick the Right Christmas Tree

A freshly-cut tree is more likely to stay fresh throughout December. When purchasing your tree from a lot, ask when it was cut. The older a tree’s cutting date, the sooner it will turn brown.


Cut an Inch Off the Tree’s Bottom 

Christmas trees are conifers, which means they have resin canals in their trunks. Once a tree is cut, the resin blocks the pores and makes it harder for the tree to absorb water. Therefore, cutting an inch off the base of a non-fresh tree before putting it in the stand can help it remain fresher.


Replenish the Christmas Tree’s Water Every Day

Christmas trees require lots of water within the first week of being cut and brought home. Fill the tree’s stand with water each morning, and at night if it seems dry. The more water a tree absorbs, the longer it will stay fresh. If your tree stand does not hold much water, you may need to replenish it more frequently.

Keep the Christmas Tree Away From Heat 

Keep your tree away from heating vents, fireplaces, direct sunlight, and space heaters. This will ensure that your tree does not dry out.

These tips will help keep your tree fresh through the holidays. See you at our market!

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