Gift giving is an art, so why not make the wrapping as exciting as the gift? Here are some clever, fun and beautiful ideas to spice up your holiday gifts:


Simple Pine Cone Brown Paper Gift Wrap by

Delicate details simple personalized brown wrapping with leaf bows

Simple personalized brown wrapping with leaf bows by

1. Live plants. Wrap your gift in simple brown paper and instead of flimsy, manufactured bows, and use a few sprigs of Holly or Winterberry. It will be a beautiful pop of color and fits right in with the whole “Winter Wonderland” since that is when they are in season.


Beautiful book pages or newspaper wrapping. Sources: and

2. Book pages. I know, I know, the thought of destroying a book kind of makes my heart fall too. But it is a way to use books that may have been damaged. Plus, unlike newspaper the ink won’t smudge. Using some simple techniques you can even turn the pages into the box itself! This is ideal for smaller gifts, if you’re wrapping a large one I would recommend something larger like a map. (Refer to idea #1 for ideas on how to decorate your book-page-box.)

Wrap your gift with a sweater or tee

So soft sweater wrapped gift by

3. Fabric. To get quality fabric there’s no need to spend so much at a specialty fabric store. Simply find some clothing on clearance and if you spot a good sale it could even be cheaper than plain old wrapping paper. Be sure to highlight the design of the fabric (be it lace, beading, etc), simply remove the sleeves and cut off the hems. Tie the excess fabric on the top of the box and you’ve even got your bow!

Wrap a gift with a gift of love

Wrap a gift with a gift by

4. Jewelry. How awesome would it be to get a present that is literally wrapped in another present? Follow the direction in option 1 but instead of placing beautiful greenery wrap their new jewelry around the ribbon. You can hide the present until it’s given, or let it sit under the tree and tease them with it for weeks.

Wrap your gift with another beautiful gift

Wrap your gift with another beautiful gift by

Come on down and see us at Redland Market Village to get just about any present under the sun as well as some amazing ideas to creatively present your present!

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