Redland Market Village wants to give a special thank you to all of the kids that participated in the first Kids Karaoke Contest at Redland Market Village. The goal of this contest was to provide an entertainment for the kids and at the same time be able to give back to the community by awarding the winner of this great contest with $1000.00 first place grand prize. For 6 weeks Redland Market Village was enrolling the kids by having them audition. The kids had to sing the hit song from the movie “Frozen” karaoke style. All of the videos were placed online and the public would vote for their favorites. On Thursday April 16th we selected the top 20 videos and we invited the kids back at a pre selected time so they can perform one more time in front of a panel of four judges. The judges used a 1 thru 10 scoring system with 10 being the highest score a contestant could receive from a single judge. A perfect score would be a score of 40. The crowd was alive and routing the kids along. Wow the kids were dressed in their Frozen outfits and they shined. We wish we could have awarded all of the contestants with the grand prize because in our eyes, there all winners. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped pull this contest off. We hope to have another one real soon. Well it’s time to get to our winners. Below you will see the judges results.

Our Winners

1ST PLACE…Isamary Meneses $1000.00

2ND PLACE…Brianna Rivera $500.00

3RD PLACE…Fatima Amaya $250.00


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