From an authentic snack to a refreshing drink, on your next visit to Redland Market Village be sure to try some of these yummy cravings that some of our followers and regulars shared on! 

Pan Con Minuta

Everyone has heard of this delicious sandwich! It is a tailed snapper filet, dredged in flour and then fried to perfection. The crunch of the batter is a perfect contrast to the soft bun and an excellent choice for any seafood lover.

Pan con minuta Courtesy Photo Alisa K. on

Corn on the cob

Sweet, fresh, buttery, salty and warm are a few of the mouthwatering adjectives we can say about our corn on the cob. Don’t believe us? Come try for yourself!

Corn on the Cob – Courtesy Photo Tracie H. on

Raspao/Fruity Shaved Ice Craving

Once you escape the heat of a Miami afternoon in our shaded seating, enjoy a popular Panamanian dessert; Raspao. It’s a snow cone with an added twist: condensed milk. So not only do you get delicious fruity flavored syrup, but also the sweet richness of condensed milk making this a must have snack!

Raspao! Snow cone with leche condensada!! Courtesy Photo Stephanie P – on

Tacos, taco, tacos!

Authentic Mexican tacos are only $2! For those of you that are either brave or exotic eaters, you can get brain or tongue tacos for a mere $.50 more.

El Taco Loco – Courtesy Photo JoseLuis A on

Tacos al Pastor

These tempting masterpieces get a category all to themselves. Pork and pineapple marinated for at least 4 hours, need we say more?

Tacos al Pastor – Courtesy Photo Stephanie P. on

Family Service

A very popular attraction of Authentic Cravings goes beyond food, it’s the people. When your food is prepared by people that love what they do, it tastes different. It isn’t very often you can find real home cooked food out and about. Visit us and eat like you’re with family!

Pasito Azteca – Courtesy Photo Yolanda L. on


While your taste buds are dancing with flavor, why not get up and dance yourself? The mariachi band will have you feeling like you’ve been magically whisked away to Mexico. Don’t be shy, the music is great!

Mariachis while you eat – Courtesy Photo Miriam B. on


Arepas made from fresh batter daily will make you feel like you’re in Venezuela at grandma’s house. This bread is popular for a reason, you can choose to top it with cheese, pork, butter or eat it plain. No matter how you slice it, it’s divine!

Arepas at Redland! -Courtesy Photo Miriam B on

Do you have a favorite dish or craving that you always get when visiting Redland Market Village? If so, we’d love to know, share it on Facebook and remember to add #redlandcravings as we will be on the look out for our next batch of Authentic Cravings at Redland!

On behalf of Redland Market Village, Thank you so much to our amazing followers and regulars that support all our local families and businesses by visiting Redland and sharing your love on or any of our online platforms!

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