There is an open-air market south of Miami near Homestead called Redlands Market. There you will find a copious array of colorful, tropical fruits and vegetables that might inspire anyone to cook up a flavorful meal. If you are looking for authentic Mexican Produce in Miami, this is the place!

Today, I am starting a new series of posts called Farmers’ Market Monday. On Saturdays, we like to visit local markets and get inspired by the seasonal produce In South Florida, we are blessed with an abundance of exotic, tropical fruits and vegetables. Cooking during the week takes on the flavors of the season.

Recently, our family visited the Redland Market near Homestead, Florida. A few weeks ago, the Dragon Fruit were abundant and in the Fall there are tons of avocados. Avocados are great in smoothies and in salads. While the dragon fruit are really beautiful, I am at a loss for ways to incorporate this mild fruit into recipes. Anyone have any fun ideas??

Here is a quick video of our trip to Redlands Market located on US-1 and SW 244th Street
Homestead, FL 33032

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